Are FanFiction Writers Psychic? Fan Predicts HiddleSwift Meeting 2 Years Ago

Written by Maria Chester

Today the world has finally acknowledged that fanfiction writers have been gifted with paranormal abilities.

Well, not really . . .  but with spot on research and bit of creative license, fanfiction writer Jennifer Stanley was able to predict the exact circumstances under which Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift would meet 2 YEARS AGO!


In her story Wildest Dreams (which was written in December 2014) Stanley envisioned that Hiddleston, 35 and Swift, 26 now known as “HiddleSwift” would meet at the Met Gala.

In 2016 that became a reality.

Now, we’re all left wondering what crystal ball Stanley used to peer into the future of HiddleSwift.

The answer? A little bit of resourcefulness and a lot of imagination.

Jennifer revealed to Bustle: “I just did one Google Search, that took one minute, to see what events they would ever potentially cross paths at considering they’re in two separate fields of work,” she explained. “The Met Gala was seriously the only event it could ever happen at. I just wanted my research to back up my fan-fiction.”

However, this is not the first time fanfiction writers have shown a penchant for predicting the future. As a matter of fact, when it comes to intuiting where television show writers will take fan favorite characters, they are often eerily accurate.

In the case of NBC’s The Blacklist, as early as season one fans began posting stories in which Elizabeth Keen is put on the FBI’s Most Wanted List and flees with Raymond Reddington, an event that did not occur in canon until the season two finale.


Person of Interest fanfiction appearing as early as November 2015 foretold that the character Bruce Moran would hunt down the the members of “Team Machine” and pressure them for information on the true fate of mob boss Carl Elias. In the summer of 2016, this subsequently became a reality in a season five episode entitled “ShotSeeker”.

In light of all of this we are left with a question. Do fanfiction writers possess psychic powers?

Unfortunately, no.

However, with an extraordinary degree of imagination and creativity, fans like Jennifer Stanley have crafted stories that are so true to their subjects that their fiction has actually become fact.

If the fans are right . . . SuperWhoLock may soon become a reality.



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