Elias Returning to Person of Interest

Written by Maria Chester

Once again the fans have been vindicated.

After months of speculation as to the fate of series favorite Carl Elias, there is now concrete evidence that the New York crime boss will be appearing in Person of Interest season five episode titled ShotSeeker.

(See photo below taken from IMBD.com.)



Elias, played by Canadian actor Enrico Colantoni delivered a wonderfully complex performance as the unpredictable villain who sometimes hindered, yet often aided our heroes in the quest to save the numbers.

Having been deemed a disruptive influence by Samaritan, Elias was thought to have been killed during the season four finale, YHWY along with rival gang leader Dominic as part of The Correction.

However despite his apparent death some fans persisted in the belief that the Mafioso had survived the bullet fired by Samaritan’s sniper.

Early evidence to support this theory surfaced in the season five teaser where a few observant fans noticed a certain peculiarity.

Do you hear it? If you listen carefully to the clip you can hear a very significant piece of music playing in the background.

  The song has been identified by fans as “Elias” from the Person of Interest (Original Television Soundtrack).

Much like Cecil B. DeMille did in The Ten Commandments,  Person of Interest composer Ramin Djawadi created a theme to serve as musical cues for each of the main characters on the show.

This is evidenced in the soundtrack by songs titled The Man in the Suit, Detective Carter, Root of all Evil, and of course, Elias.

This led to further debate. If Elias was truly dead, why was his theme (which is typically used only when referencing the character) being used?

Only a couple of weeks later speculation skyrocketed again when actor Enrico Colantoni was spotted on the set of Person of Interest sporting what appeared to be one of Carl Elias’s trademark suits.


Although the actor (who many may recognize as Keith Mars from the hit teen detective show Veronica Mars) claimed he was just visiting, the fans were not convinced.

However the new evidence supplied by IMDB.com leaves no more room for question. Colantoni’s Elias will be appearing in Person of Interest season five, much to the delight of Irrelevants everywhere.

Tune in Tuesday, May 16 for the return New York’s favorite crime boss on CBS.


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